Steel ranges

Our products policy applies also in our steel ranges. As basic ranges, we can supply you with:

  • raw material,
  • semi-finished products,
  • finished products,
  • special steel products.

All our selected products meet the best international standards: JIS / ASTM / BS AS. Also over-rolled & secondary.


Raw material

Top quality products for your industrial needs.

  • Raw material
  • scrap,
  • HBI
  • billets,
  • pig iron...

Our selected suppliers produce steel scrap and semi-finished products.

In that matter even if grades, sizes, lengths, widths and thicknesses are various, we always select the best quality products to fulfil the industrial uses, according to your requirements (for example earthquake resistant standards if needed).

Semi finishedProducts

Cold and hot rolled:

  • wire rods (debars, nail wire, and other special wires...),
  • sheets and coils (galvanized, cold and hot rolled, aluzinc, ...).

Well adapted for large sized construction projects and industrial transformations, our semi-finished wire and sheets coils ranges are produced according to the most complete international standards. Hence, they fulfil your needs in terms of costs and quality.

Finished product

Cold and hot rolled:

  • profiles,
  • merchant bars (round, squares, angles, T-bars, other special shapes...),
  • tubes (laminated and galvanized steels),
  • beams (IPE, IPEA, IPN, UPN, HEA, HEB, HEM, UAP),
  • coated sheets (plain and corrugated, galvanized or aluzinc),
  • strips (cold and hot rolled, coated and uncoated),
  • binding wire,
  • galvanized wire.

Our profiles, merchant bars, tubes and beams are in the standard dimensions and are specifically produced for:

  • factory and warehouse plants,
  • bridges,
  • high rise buildings,

In the same way, our flat steel and wires perform all the usages for roofing, walling, ceiling, decoration, electric appliances and other equipment.


Special product

Special steel:

  • Stainless steel,
  • inox,
  • aluminium,
  • tinplate,
  • zinc,
  • copper,
  • Special grade steel/profiles/sections :
  • Sheets and coils,
  • Tubes and pipes,
  • Rounds, hexagonals and flats

Special products for high quality products lines at competitive prices: that is our contribution to your achievements and daily performances.

General conditions for sale

At Areion Trading Gmbh, we carefully respect all international trading uses and rules and regulations. In other words, our transactions keep to the specified agreed terms concerning the goods, namely:

  • Description,
  • Origin,
  • Conditioning and packaging,
  • Quantity,
  • Unit price,
  • Global amount,
  • All the shipment conditions.

Our conditions of payment are by irrevocable and confirmed letter of credit opened and payable at sight against presentation of usual shipping documents. We can also arrange deferred payment conditions on request.

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