As a private firm, Areion's Trading GmbH (Areion) business model is based on financial self-sufficiency, which is the first key test of any development project’s sustainability.

"KKR, a global investment firm ( ), and Areion have
invested in Ceminter Spain with the aim to produce for Areion
clients outside Spain".

Our firm’s ambitious project pipeline is made up of projects that can simultaneously transform the country’s economy as well as livelihoods of substantial numbers of the population and guarantee their own staying power by also generating attractive, sustained profits for investors.


Areion Trading Gmbh continually creates value for its clients by adopting a successful approach to converting its know-how into market share.

Excellence in fulfilling the promise/reliability: you don't buy promises; you buy performance and must have complete faith in a partner who always fulfills its contractual duties. Areion Trading Gmbh has the reputation of doing so.

Visibility and stability in the lead of the technological trends: We source partnerships with the most progressive and technologically advanced players in the sector. Two of these namely National Cement and Steel Companies.



Trading consists of making the goods or services you need at your disposal available, at the best price and conditions for your benefit.

Unlike a broker or an agent, a trader is involved in the commercial cycle of purchase and sale. The profession is undergoing significant change. In a background of competition and globalization, successful companies will be those who will be able to:

  • Manage their risks,
  • source from good producers,
  • satisfy their clients in terms of quality, prices and delivery time,
  • offer excellent, appropriate logistic and financial advisory services.


Creation of multiple opportunities through our experience and innovation. Our firm with its expertise is able to develop and supply a successful range of services: business development, new market development, market intelligence and analysis, all in tandem with our sales assistance.

A multidisciplinary team: our team has a strong background in management, marketing, finance, and services development. We work with a solid and multidisciplinary international network.

In essence, Areion Trading Gmbh positions itself as your successful central purchasing platform and construction engineering service.


The tremendous energy of the emerging markets brings both new requests and attitudes:

  • The evolution from «clients» to business partners,
  • the aspiration to supply stability,
  • the need of a global partner to rely on for doing successful and fair business.


Areion opens a new world of solutions in which we are able to:

  • Manage your risks,
  • go to great extents to source good producers for your benefit,
  • work integrated with your process and activity,
  • supply first-rate logistical and financial services.